Level Components are what the player has to navigate through to complete a level. These are enemies, bullets and hearts.

Enemies Edit

Enemies are circles that spin around the main circle in which the player can navigate. They are attached to the main circle and can shoot the 3 types of bullets in the game: Linear, Homing and Bubble. They can also shoot hearts. Enemies are always at equal distances from each other.

If an enemy does not have to shoot in a level anymore, it dissapears. If it never shoots once in a level, it does not even spawn, thus making it seem that certain enemies are farther from each other.

Bullets Edit

Bullets are obstacles shot by enemies. There are 3 types of them: Linear, Homing and Bubble.

Once the player's hitbox collides with a bullet's hitbox, the level fastforwards a certain amount which is not counted towards the level completion percentage (%), as such, in order to get 100% on a level, the player must not hit any bullets. Once a bullet hits the edges of the map, it dissapears.

Linear bullets are cone shaped, have the size of the player and their trajectory is always a straight line, their direction is based on where the enemy shoots them. Their hitbox is at the very tip of the cone.

Homing bullets are rhombus/diamond shaped, have the size of the player and they keep slowly homing the player until their direction is a straight line to the player's hitbox. These bullets will home for a limited time, after which their direction will simply be a straight line, like the linear bullets. Their hitbox is at the tip of the diamond that faces the player.

Bubble bullets have the direction and trajectory of Linear bullets but they are circle shaped and they are bigger than the player. Their hitbox is their whole size.

Hearts Edit

Hearts are collectibles which can be shot by enemies. Once collected, a heart will appear inside the player. If the player is hit while having a heart, the level will not fastforward, the player will become immune for a short period of time, and the heart will be destroyed, not counting as collected at the end of the level. This makes it possible to get hit by a bullet once and still get 100%.

If the player has a heart after the level ends, the level will also show that you have collected a heart.

Certain levels in the game are only unlockable by collecting hearts, up to 5 have to be collected.

Hearts only appear in the advanced versions of levels (excluding levels unlocked by hearts)

Trivia Edit

  • If the player has no heart and is hit by a bullet just before the level's end, the player will still get 100%. The real percentage would be between 99.5% to 99.9%, which the game rounds up to 100%. This only applies on certain levels.