In Soundodger+, there are different bullets that the player must understand in order to traverse the stages in the game. They are as followed:

Name Description Icon Hitbox
Cone A triangular bullet with a point Triangle

(A, up)

(B, down)

Homing A diamond-shaped bullet that follows the player for a duration Diamond Point
Bubble A full circular bullet Full Circle Whole
Hug A circular bullet with a hollow interior

Players are required to touch these bullets before they collapse against the walls

Open Circle Whole
Heart A pink heart bullet that temporarily protects the player from one bullet

In Advanced stages, hearts unlock the Heart stages

Heart Whole

There also an unseen bullet ingame.This bullet is only accessible using data-mining.This bullet is called the "Error" bullet.

These bullets can also pose a threat based on their pattern of choice. These patterns can aim for the player's last known position or in a set center; they are as followed:

Name Description Color Example
Normal The enemy spawns bullets in one linear direction Blue
Wave The enemy spawns bullets in multiple waves in a set spread Green
Stream The enemy consistently spawns bullets for a duration within a set spread Pink
Burst The enemy spawns a cluster of bullets with no set direction in a set spread Purple